Conservation in the Classroom


SUEZ recognizes the importance of teaching children about conservation, and the opportunities that exist for partnering with local educators to teach youngsters about the significant role water plays in daily life.

To help shape a sustainable future, SUEZ offers free water-related school programs, working with teachers to educate students about the water cycle and importance of conservation. The age-appropriate lessons are developed by the Project WET (Water Education for Teacher) Foundation, a national organization that develops action-oriented lessons to help children understand and value water. These innovative, water-related activities are hands-on, easy to use and fun! Project WET activities are easily incorporated into a school’s existing curricula, including correlations to current Common Core, math and English language arts standards.

The lesson plans are customized for various age groups in grades K-8. They are easily adaptable for Science Fairs and “Green Day” initiatives for schools and youth groups. These programs not only have an immediate impact, but are also a long-term investment in our children and our environment. SUEZ school visits help to teach youngsters how water connects us all, and how important it is to use water wisely through personal responsibility and action. By reaching children, parents, and teachers – SUEZ promotes water awareness and empowers children to protect and preserve water resources for future generations.

To further its commitment to conservation and water education, in 2016 SUEZ has expanded classroom visits and lessons to include Westchester County in addition to the long-established Rockland County presence. The company is growing its educational efforts with a focus on more classrooms, schools and children – furthering the goal for conservation awareness and knowledge.

SUEZ also partners with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) to co-sponsor water education workshops for teachers.

If you would like SUEZ to visit your classroom or youth group, please email us at

For more information on Project WET, visit their website to review various education materials, water events or to join the worldwide network. You can also find more materials on the NY DEC website.


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