Customer Advisory Panel—Members Needed


We’re listening! Customer feedback is important to SUEZ and our Customer Advisory Panel (CAP) plays an important role by communicating directly with the company. The CAP helps us obtain feedback from customers on a variety of issues such as the water supply, water quality, conservation, rates and service.

Members also “weigh in” on the development of new programs and provide guidance before these initiatives are launched. For example, meeting topics have included conservation programs, our website and theft of service issues. Participants are encouraged to discuss topics of interest to them or issues brought to their attention by other customers.

Our ultimate goal is to use CAP feedback to improve our service and our communications.


The CAP consists of about 12 members who each serve a three year term. Members must be SUEZ customers, attend quarterly meetings and provide feedback, comments and suggestions. Each member is compensated $50 per meeting for participating.


CAP meetings take place four times a year, typically in the evening. Meetings for our Westchester customers are held at our office in New Rochelle while meetings for our Rockland customers are held at our office in West Nyack.


We are looking for enthusiastic customers to help us as we constantly strive to improve our service.

For more information, please contact our CAP moderator, Michelle Vaccarino:

We look forward to hearing from you!


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